Equity & Inclusion


PHFS believes it is important that we understand the backgrounds and differences of the clients we work with to be the most effective and sensitive to their perspectives and beliefs. Sixty percent of the families we serve at PHFS come from communities of color.  PHFS has made great strides in the last few years to make sure that our staff and Board represent the communities of the families we work with in our programs.

We recognize that our Equity & Inclusion work never stops. As such, a Year 1 Priority in our 2016-18 Strategic Plan is to continue to build equity and inclusion as a best practice at PHFS.

To achieve this, we will:

  • View diversity as a value-add. We will try to maximize the dimensions of diversity that we have on our staff, board, and volunteer base.
  • Use an equity lens in all the work that we do. We ask ourselves several questions that help promote equity before we make any decisions.
  • Involve our clients in significant decisions we make for our organization. Client feedback helps guide the evolution of our programs and we actively seek out ideas on how to improve outcomes and their experiences.
  • Believe that clients are experts in their own lives and know what programs and services will work best for them. Staff will support our clients to create their own case plans and will empower and support families to work through the goals they set for themselves.