PHFS has a rich tradition of providing compassionate, supportive shelter to families experiencing homelessness every night of the year. In all of our shelter programs, PHFS aims to build dignity, restore power, and promote autonomy for the families who live there.

If you are a family seeking shelter, please call 211 and ask to be put on the Family Shelter Waitlist. 

Coming soon: Lents family shelter

PHFS just purchased a campus in Lents that will include a shelter for 26 homeless families with children at a time. The Lents Shelter will include:

  Lents Shelter

Lents Shelter

  • Individual private family bedrooms, with real beds and furniture

  • Three meals plus snacks a day

  • Computer lab, library, kid play areas

  • Laundry, Showers, and all toiletry supplies 

  • Playground, garden, picnic area

  • Life Skills classes like budgeting and parenting

  • Connection to re-housing resources, homeless prevention, and ongoing case management

Families are referred to the Lents Shelter through Multnomah County's Homeless Family System coordinated waitlist. As soon as PHFS (or any other family shelter) has openings in our programs, we invite families from this waitlist into our shelters.

Shelter Tradition at PHFS

Goose & Salmon
Between 1994-2018, the Goose Hollow Family Shelter provided night shelter to 8 homeless families with children at the First United Methodist Church of Portland. And between 2009-2018, the Thirteen Salmon Family Center provided day shelter to those same families at the First Unitarian Church of Portland.

  Goose Hollow Family Shelter

Goose Hollow Family Shelter

  Thirteen Salmon Family Center

Thirteen Salmon Family Center

  Family Winter Shelter

Family Winter Shelter

Family Winter Shelter
In the winter of 2018, PHFS partnered with Congregation Beth Israel to host an emergency winter shelter for 75 moms, dads, and kids for five months. This shelter was created as a response to an overcrowded family shelter system that was completely full and had no capacity for new families. 

PHFS is grateful for these long-term faith community partners that helped create and launch PHFS as an organization and as a leader in the homeless family shelter system. 

last year at PHFS:

We felt safe at PHFS. We enjoyed getting to know the staff and volunteers, and spending time with the other families and kids.
— Victoria, single mother