Life Lab Skills Training


PHFS teaches evidence-based classes and training programs taught by trained instructors to help families learn new tools and skills that they can use to help them get and keep permanent housing.


Rent Well tenant Education Classes

a 16-hour curriculum focused on teaching families what they need to know to be able to rent an apartment, maintain their apartment, and then exit their apartment when their lease is up.

Arise life skills program

a 17-course general life skills training program including classes like Budgeting & Money Matters, Interpersonal Communication, Stress Management, Health & Hygiene, Goal-Setting, Self Esteem, Nutrition & Exercise, Safe Driving.

Incredible Years Parenting Classes

a 15-class series (28 hours) that teaches parents to prevent and treat young children’s behavior problems and promote their social, emotional, and academic competence. The classes focus on helping parents learn how to play with their children, to praise good behavior and manage misbehavior, to establish predictable and effective routines, to set limits, and teach kids how to solve their own problems.

Last year:

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PHFS helped me rethink my whole situation. I took Rent Well classes, learned how to budget, learned my rights as a tenant, and learned how to set and reach goals.”
— Angela, mother of four